Welcome to Google Apps for UCLA.

Google Apps is an integrated communication and collaboration solution offered by Google, which includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and more.

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Google Apps for UCLA is a suite of hosted email and collaboration applications for schools, universities, and non-profit organizations. This suite of services includes Gmail (Google’s email service), Google Calendar, Google Docs (Google’s web-based office software suite), and more.

Moving to Google Apps will allow students to take advantage of greater email storage and enhanced applications like Google Docs, which Google offers to universities at no cost. UCLA will also be able to provide hosted email accounts to university alumni and retirees.

The easiest way to start using Google Apps for UCLA is by signing in with your UCLA Logon ID at mail.g.ucla.edu.

You can also access your Google Apps for UCLA email through an email client or mobile app on your computer or mobile device.

Google Apps for UCLA is available to students, alumni, and retirees.

University employees are not eligible at the moment, including those who also have alumni or retiree status. Employee use of Google Apps for UCLA will be reviewed to determine the best means of delivery and support while ensuring that the University adheres to appropriate security and use policies.

For help with using Google Apps for UCLA, you may visit the following resources:

Or, for help with access-related or UCLA-specific issues, see the Google Apps section of the Bruin OnLine knowledge base or contact Bruin OnLine at (310) 267-4357, consult@ucla.edu, or visit their help desk at Kerckhoff Hall, Suite 124.